Application Intrastructure

Data Layer

Services for data access represent an optimized library of classes and objects, which ensures unified access to data for higher levels of application independently on current database implementation. Provide you with:

  • Database connections management.
  • Transactions control.
  • SQL commands calls.
  • SQL parameters passing and management.
  • Paging support.

Actually supported databases are:

  • MS SQL Server.
  • MS SQL Server Compact Edition.
  • IBM DB2.

Errors Processing

Services for errors processing provide an integral strategy for capturing and processing error conditions. These services pass through all layers of the application model from the data layer, via the business logic through to the user interface layer.

Logging Services

Logging services offer basic tools for recording of events, errors and user accesses in the information system.

Monitoring of the Application Activity Progress

Tracking services provide functionality for activities monitoring. These services are used especially during the testing and deployment of application for detailed tracing the course of carrying out activity and its performance.


Cache services provide support for temporary data storage. Their purpose is mainly to increase the performance and availability of functionality for users.