• Service targeted on clients with Microsoft platform based solutions development.
  • Gradual offers comprehensive development framework for large-scale multilayer applications with unified graphical user interface to such clients.

Gradual has established this service on Microsoft .NET platform which is an advanced technological basis for modern software solutions. In our delivery we propose only those methodologies and technologies that we actually use for large-scale information system solutions on demand development.

CodePlant development framework delivery consists of the following elements:

  • CodePlan framework license delivery for the development and operation of developed software.
  • Client´s team members training focused on applications development with CodePlant framework.
  • Partner layer on CodePlant framework design. The layer reflects client´s specific requirements on software development.
  • Selected pilot application development provided by joint team where both client´s and Gradual team members take over the role.
  • Software development methodology and software projects management methodology completion with regard to client´s requirements.
  • Client´s support during software design on CodePlant framework that also can incorporate CodePlant or partner layer new versions.