• Gradual offers comprehensive delivery of software solutions according to client's specific requirements and specifications.

Gradual SW delivery covers full software design and development life cycle:

  • Firstly, we produce required solution SW prototype where sample data are used so as we jointly with client identify further approach.
  • Secondly, we analyze solution requirements output of which a requirements catalogue is. The catalogue is used to concretize and evaluate final solution.
  • Requirements catalogue is fundamental for our functional, technological and operational solution design.
  • Thirdly, we run several solution realization iterations according to solution design. The iteration brings to life higher level of details of the required functionality. This approach affords an opportunity to review and revise certain features of the solution. Gradual team and client have the delivery progress fully under control during the realization. Surprises during the delivery acceptance are beyond all doubts.
  • Accepted solution is launched to live environment and taken over to operation support regime.
  • Finally, Gradual team defines precisely particular operation support service levels agreements (SLAs). Standardized procedures for solutions management are applied. Particular services are provided, accordingly.